Joe leading Achoiring Voices at a charity fundraiser performance

Our repertoire is a fun mixture of songs from a variety of popular genres such as soul, motown, gospel, pop, jazz, musicals, ballads, rock & roll, classical…the list is endless. If it’s good fun to sing, then we’ll sing it! There’s no musical snobbery here…

We’re really proud of our repertoire at Achoiring Voices – All of the music we sing is uniquely arranged for the choir by our Musical Director, Joe so that everyone gets the most enjoyment out of singing these arrangements together!

Here’s a handful of artists whose repertoire we’ve sung together… The Beatles, Queen, Adele, Van Morrison, The Carpenters, Louis Armstrong, Billy Joel, and Aretha Franklin. Some songs are timeless classics that you’re bound to know, others are less familiar but just as fun!

Feel free to come along sometime and enjoy a taster session completely free of charge!